Mens Health Under Control

Well Man Screening

Many men choose to have this screen every few years just as a kind of health check.It depends on the age of the man and his current health, what examinations and tests are carried out.

For men over 40 years it is relevant to do some tests like for Prostate cancer screening .Others are concerned because of a family history of certain illness, like a high cholesterol level or blood pressure.

Men of any age often ask for this screen if they are attempting to loose weight , thinking of training seriously for a sporting event or for if they just dont feel quite right.

If a man has booked in for this screen, then he will first be asked to complete a medical questionnaire in the waiting room. Then the doctor will go through a complete history, examination and take relevant tests after discussion.

Usually the results are followed up with a phone call a week later, and we can also post out a copy.



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