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What Makes A Good Dublin 2 Doctor?

What Makes  a Good Doctor?


When considering a career in medicine it is easy to think that it is all about passing exams and understanding disease. But there is more to being a good doctor.  We should not neglect human aspect or underestimate the importance of seeing beyond the symptoms and diagnoses and understanding the patient as a human being.  Here are some of the key skills that help doctors do the very best for their patients in all aspects of their care



Medicine is first and foremost a caring profession this is what usually motivates young people to join the profession.  A  doctor, of course, must remain professional at all times – even when giving the worst possible news or discussing uncomfortable personal issues with the patient. But this doesn’t mean that they should appear cold and unfeeling. Empathy is an important part of the relationship with their patients and will lead to trust and better quality of care.



Getting the right treatment for the patient depends on good communication. It is about listening as much as talking. A good doctor does not rush or interrupt, but instead puts patients at their ease and gives them time. This ensures that the doctor can get all the information required to make the right diagnosis and give the best advice. It is important to speak in plain language so that the patient understands and can make an informed decision.



Methodical and well organized

A Dublin GP’s schedule is busy and full of diverse tasks. That is why they need to be methodical and keep track of all the tasks are doing for patients. For example, to know when test results are due back and chase it if necessary to make sure the patient is not left waiting for answers. Good recording keeping is also part of that process.


Good Bedside Manner

A good bedside refers simply to the importance of having a pleasant, caring and respectful manner. But whether the patient is literally in bed, or at the surgery these simple human qualities make all the difference to the patients feeling of well-being and their ability to ask questions a discuss any worries with their GP.


Always Learning

A good Dublin 2 doctor never stops learning. Keeping up to date with medical advances and developments in the pharmaceutics industry is vital. When new potential treatments like CBD oil are becoming more common, it is important that your doctor stays up to date. Also, it is important not to be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer. A good doctor will always recommend prevention as opposed to treatment recommending a good diet, excercise like walking, jogging or even a sport like playing golf. Doctors are human no one expects them to know everything as long as they are willing to go and find out.


Drawing on the best resources

This leads on to the next point: GPs are not specialists. A good GP works with others in the medical profession to ensure patients get access to appropriate specialists.  This could be a hospital consultant or a dietician to help manage their condition.  It is not uncommon to hear patients with complex conditions complain that no one seems to know what anyone else is doing. Again it is a matter of communication not just with patients but also between colleagues.


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